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Training and internships


Who is this service for?

The product is aimed at people over 16 years of age:
  • unemployed - registered in the Voivodship Employment Agency
  • unemployed - not registered in the Voivodship Employment Agency,
  • professionally inactive.

What we offer?

Our service includes
  • comprehensive advisory support, including meeting with a vocational counselor, job agent,
  • free training to improve your competences or professional qualifications for which you will receive a training scholarship
  • professional internships, for which you will receive an internship scholarship

What is the benefit for you and your company?

  • We will find you a job
  • You will receive a scholarship during participation in courses and internships
  • You will gain or upgrade your professional qualifications

The number of people who raised their qualifications

1 628 771

Amount of training and internship scholarships provided (PLN)


Number of people who benefited from advisory support


The number of people we have found work


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